SML Hot Deal

Home Listing or Mold Inspection Hot Dea! $50.00 off the fee for service or inspection
Have your For Sale property inspected for defects or Mold before you have a contract to save $$$
A listing inspection can save you money and time before you get a contract on your house sale.  By learning just what an inspector will find during a Buyer's inspection, you can take your time to fix any potential deal killer issues.  In addition, you can disclose minor issues to potential buyers taking into consideration the cost for those repairs when you set your sale price.  By doing so, you take the second negotiation after the home inspection out of the equation.  If you smell "mildew" or "mustiness" in your basement you are likely smelling unseen mold growth. This can be found, the cause revealed and corrected by a single treatment.  Call Tim at 540-798-1388 for details and more info.

To qualify, payment must be made at the time of the inspection or treatment.
Contact Information
phone: 540-798-1388
Offer Valid: October 10, 2017December 31, 2017
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