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Eco-Panel Energy Efficient Green Homes & Buildings
Heat it with a candle. Cool is with a cold drink. Offering Extreme Value.
Key Value Points
The valuable qualities of our Southern TimberCraft Eco-Panel Wall & Roof System are quite important for home owners as well as students, parents and administrators with school budget concerns. Our Eco-Panel Green Building System is:
• Green - OSB laminated panels, minimal use of 2x4s, green polyurethane [sugar beets] core, no carcinogenic styrene or formaldehyde
• Extremely energy efficient – low energy bills, one of our largest monthly budget items, patent corner system, 50% smaller HVAC units
• Highly fire resistant - green polyurethane core will not burn or melt, no air spaces for fire
• Safe - can withstand 180 mph winds, lower insurance premiums
• Quiet - sound baffles, used in theater walls to separate movie screens
• Goes up quickly - ±10 minutes per 4 foot panel, saves on construction
• Great Value in the short and long term
Contact Information
phone: 800 767-4916 for Jack
Offer Valid: October 22, 2018December 31, 2018
Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce