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Country Store and Consignment Manager

Blue Bay Venue
Job Description
Bandy Mill Bay and Blue Bay Venue is seeking a positive, long-term career minded, experienced individual with vision who has success experience starting up a consignment shop and country store. This job will require you to wear a few different hats. You will also be required to set up your own booth and sell your own items. You must have strong community connections with local vendors. Additionally, you will be in charge of hiring and managing a team of at least two people.

• Impeccable Honesty
• Strong community connection, with local vendor contacts
• 3 years experience in business and employee management..
• 3 years experience in a consignment shop setting.
• 2 years experience in coffee shop setting.
• Ability to learn and create new organizational systems
• Ability to manage many vendors and keep everything organized
• An eye for design and storefront development.
• Someone who knows how to make things work on a limited start-up budget
• Creative Thinker
• Strong Marketing background and drive with a clear marketing plan
• Doesn't need to be handheld
• Honest about your strengths and limitations
• Reasonable computer experience
• Ability to take instruction while balancing that with self-motivation and being a self-starter
• Ability to set reasonable goals for the business and reach them.
• We need a positive go getter to share this space with community. If your planning to come in and just sit behind a register, this is not a position for you.
• We are seeking a likeminded individual who is looking for an opportunity to expand and grow and explore a positive entrepreneurial spirit.
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