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Construction Project/Site Manager

The Construction Project/Site Manager reports to the Construction Manager for project implementation and technical guidance and the Executive Director for personnel related questions/issues.  This part time position is for up to 24 hours/week (3 days, including Saturdays).
A.   Planning for Construction of Habitat Homes and Critical Repairs

  • Secure the building and environmental permits
  • Solicit Multiple Bids for:
  • Septic or connection to city sewer system
  • Well or connection to city water system
  • Foundation
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Electrician
  • Drywall finisher
  • Roofing/Truss installation
  • Other tasks as approved by Construction Manager
  • Obtain license information and certificates of insurance from all contractors
  • Review the project plans and specifications and comment on building design, scheduling, possible cost savings measures and potential construction problems
  • Oversees all areas of project to ensure that all homes are built to Energy Star standards.
  • Provide a weekly status report to the Construction Manager
  • Immediately notify Construction Manager of any circumstance that will alter the construction schedule


B.  Management of Materials & Tools

  •  Establish a take-off list for each phase of construction and order in advance to ensure materials are on site when needed
  • Assist to prepare detailed project budget and cash flow projection
  • Bid out materials needed or ask for donated materials
  • Assure that ordered materials reach site and are inventoried & checked for quality
 C.  Manage Sub-Contractors and Supervise Volunteers
  • Implement and monitor site safety program daily and ensure that the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Act are enforced
  • Coordinate with Volunteer Coordinator to schedule volunteers
  • Teach volunteers how to complete the necessary tasks and supervise all volunteer work
  • Involve the future homeowners in the construction process; team with regular volunteers
  • Ensure that all work done is high quality and completed in a timely manner
  • Ensure all tools are secured and job site is clean up at end of every day
  • Remove all tools and materials from site at end of project
 D.  Inspections
  •  Assume responsibility for meeting all applicable building codes
  • Call and schedule the appropriate inspections of the project
  • Assume responsibility for completion of punch list items needed to be completed to obtain Certificate of Occupancy, to include all site grading, seeding and removal of debris/trash.
 D.  Experience/Qualifications
  •  10 or more years of experience in residential home construction project management
  • Skill and desire for hands-on carpentry, drywall, flooring and other home building tasks
  • Desire and personality traits to work with skilled and unskilled volunteers
  • Ability to schedule and manage multiple contractors
  • Ability to work with the affiliate Volunteer Coordinator to ensure available skill and manpower are scheduled to work
  • Good communication and computer skills, especially email
  • Good driving record and a pick-up truck to tow project trailer to job sites
  • Must submit to background investigation

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