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Hi Guys!

I'm Elizabeth Robbins. I'm a crafty stay at home mother and wife to the most wonderful man on this earth. The Robbins family ( or Team Robbins as I call us) are a very blended family. We have FIVE children (yes five that wasn't a typo). We love all of our children the same. We don't believe in half or step. WE'RE JUST FAMILY.

I decided a few months ago to start my dream job and open my own business. A lot of hard work and a few months later were finally opened!

Like many, this business of mine started as a way to add some extra income to the family. As a stay at home mom, poring my heart and soul into The Robbins Nest gave me a much-appreciated outlet. Of course, I love my children but my shop is a way to celebrate beauty in others. I've always had a strong hard work ethic, and making this shop thrive was the goal.

It's been so gratifying to see how many peoples lives I've been able to touch with my shop. It's my goal to help all women feel beautiful in their own skin, no matter what season of life they are in. My love for family, plus my passion for people is what makes The Robbins Nest the brand it is today. It comes down to relationships- interacting with customers, getting to know them, hearing their stories, and relating to them. It's my hope that every item you receive brings a smile to your face and makes you feel special. It's all I could ever hope for!

*Faith and Family are always first
*Coffee- Especially collecting Rae Dunn Clays
*Shopping- (DUH)
*Adventure- Camping & Hiking