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Yadtel Group



About Us

For over 60 years the Yadtel Group has been growing into a large, multi-faceted operation offering a diverse list of products and services. The Yadtel Group consists of three separate entities.
Yadtel Telecom is a part of the Yadtel Group. Yadtel operates a telephone company that offers wireless, landline, DSL and Video to customers in a 660 square mile area located about 75 miles north of Charlotte, NC.
Yadtel Billing and OSS has been providing Software and Services since the late sixties, Yadtel Billing and OSS is a part of the Yadtel Group, and provides a full range of software applications and support for a wide variety of types of services including Telephone, Wireless, Video, Internet, Paging, and Satellite Programming.
Yadtel Publishing is also a part of the Yadtel Group and has been an industry publisher since August of 2000 and has grown successfully from our humble beginnings of just one title to over 20 published titles today. While the number of published titles and the number of employees have increased over the years, our values remain the same. We believe that providing the best possible quality product combined with the best customer service and value is our secret for continued success.

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