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Experienced personal trainer joins Body Shoppe Fitness

Rebecca Imhof, a certified personal trainer and health coach with nearly 30 years of experience, has joined Body Shoppe Fitness + AllCore360°, a private personal training studio at Westlake Corner.

“Rebecca is experienced, enthusiastic and ready to support new clients on their wellness journeys,” said Tracy Sisson, the company’s owner and a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and health coach. “This brings us to three personal trainers, which is exciting because even more residents from the lake area will be able to take advantage of personal training services, small group personal training and the AllCore360°.”

Imhof is now scheduling appointments for individual and partner training sessions. 

“I specialize in women’s fitness with an emphasis on weight training,” she said. “My mission is to empower women to be healthy and fit at any age. To me, it’s not about the perfect body; it’s about health, wellness and taking control of your life.”

Personal training sessions focus on improving muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility, while taking into account physical limitations and each client’s health and fitness goals.

Imhof also is working with clients on the AllCore360°, a cutting-edge fitness machine that trains all of the body's core muscles with a no-impact, isometric, balanced and coordinated technique.

“The AllCore360° is available to anyone, not just personal training clients,” Sisson said. “It’s an outstanding way to improve balance and posture, reduce lower back pain, aid in recovery from injury and increase overall fitness. And all it takes is three 10-minute sessions per week.” 

Body Shoppe Fitness + AllCore360°, which opened in 2016, recently expanded into adjacent space. The additional 800 square feet allowed Sisson to bring on Mackenzie Morris as a full-time trainer in May.  

“With the extra space, our trainers have more room to work with clients simultaneously,” she said. “We’ve also added a few more pieces of exercise equipment to enhance our clients’ training.”

For additional information about the studio or to schedule a complimentary consultation, email, call 540-721-1200 or visit


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