News Release: 8/30/2019

Inspecx Home & Commercial Inspection Services Launches a NEW Website

The new Inspecx web site, at, details company services, equipment and inspector credentials to provide clients a professional, accurate evaluation of their property or purchase. As a certified mold inspector, Inspecx provides information and expertise on problem areas or mold concerns and remediation. There’s also a section on the detection of Radon. You’ll see that Inspecx is certified in radon testing.

Each tab on the website is designed to make the search for information quick and easy to locate. 
All homes and commercial structures are different. Having access to difficult areas such as crawlspaces and roof tops. The site shows and explains the purpose of its many innovative tools such as robotic crawlspace detection unit, drone roof inspection, infrared camera to detect moisture intrusion and other equipment.

Visitors to the site will see the hours of operation are seven-days a week. This helps clients meet contract sensitive deadlines.

For those new to home inspections, the site includes a helpful video which explains the elements of what should be covered by your inspector. In addition, the site includes a link to the International National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (INACHI) Code of Ethics. Inspecx has been a proud member of this organization since 2003. Inspecx adheres to the code, our inspections are un-biased, and each client will receive an accurate, easy-to-read electronic report which includes photos on the condition of the structure.

To learn more, go to: for complete details, descriptions and see how Inspecx Home & Commercial Inspection Services can help with the purchase or sale of your property.