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Full Distance

Full Distance

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About Us

Full Distance Mission
FULL DISTANCE mission is to teach you how to take care of yourself. WE will design an individualized wellness plan challenging, preparing and encouraging you to become the best version of yourself.
A Daily Practice
With over 22 years focusing on physical therapy & fitness, my passion grew to prescribe ALL ages a holistic daily practice addressing mind, body and spirit to achieve your optimal well-being. This spurred me to jumpstart a new way: FULL DISTANCE To continue doing what is necessary until you achieve your goal.
Team Spirit
As expert self-care and healthcare providers, we specialize and have experience in ALL ages. We believe in using exercise and nutrition to improve client's bodies and lives with our revolutionary fitness programs. Designing, implementing, and modifying specific clinical plans of care is required to improve level of activity for all. Utilizing our exercise companion care services is an integral part of our wellness culture for seniors. Offering virtual fitness classes and telehealth therapy during COVID-19, our team goal is to adapt the way we provide our services to increase access to our services from home and to continue to transform the lives of thousands of people.

Alina Dawson, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Geriatric Clinical Specialist, LSVT-BIG Certified, and Registered Yoga Teacher.


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Rep/Contact Info

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Avery Campo
Community Liaison/Fitness Specialist
Nono Choden
Office Administrator
Alina Dawson
CEO and Doctor of Physical Therapy
Erin Hanson
Marketing Specialist

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