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About Us

Professional and Insured Arborist
I started out climbing and cutting when I bought a home that was surrounded with nearly 2 acres of neglected forest. The trees were suffocating the house and stressing me with the ever-present threat of a tree or branches falling on our house or a neighbor's house. The property had huge overgrown pines, many of which were dead, dying, and falling over. After climbing and cutting for over a year, I fell in love with the process of removing a hazardous or nuisance tree. From the sound of the chainsaw, smell of sawdust, to the thrill of being 100+ feet up in the air - I loved every second of it. I had several friends and neighbors asking for help in removing trees and from that point - I decided to make my passion into a business. My company specializes in the removal and pruning of difficult trees, we are non-invasive climbing arborists. Because we climb trees to remove or prune, you can avoid damage to your lawn and property caused by heavy equipment.

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